It Takes a Man and a Woman

It Takes a Man and a Woman is a 2013 Filipino romantic comedy film starring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz. This movie is the last part of the story of Laida Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro, played by Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz respectively, from A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life.

This movie is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. It is produced by Star Cinema and VIVA Films.

Plot Outline:
Sarah plays Laida Magtalas, a firm believer in true love amid life’s pains and down cycles. John Lloyd plays Miggy Montenegro, the heir to the huge family business. The lovers survived a long-distance relationship when Laida left for Canada. But when Miggy’s father (played by Dante Rivero) dies, Laida is nowhere for him to turn to, she who is his pillar of strength, so he turns to the arms of Belle Laurel (Isabelle), his former sweetheart. When Laida returns from Canada, she catches Miggy in the arms of Belle, so feeling broken-hearted and betrayed, she moves to New York where she gets a job as editorial coordinator of a magazine which, without her knowing it, will lead to her meeting Miggy again and their… eventual reconciliation?

Must Be... Love

Must Be... Love is a 2013 Filipino romantic comedy film starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. This is Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's first ever full-length, solo movie following the success of their respective movies, 24/7 in Love and Sisterakas.

This movie is directed by Dado Lumibao. It is produced and distributed by Star Cinema.

Plot Outline:
Patchot Espinosa, (Kathryn Bernardo), 17, lives a pretty simple life. An average girl, Patchot is content with helping her dad run their small lechunan (roasted pig shop). Father and daughter have an unshakable bond but Patchot secretly longs for the love of a mother.

But this is not Patchot’s only unfulfilled longing – she also harbors a secret admiration for Ivan Martinez (Daniel Padilla), her best bud. Patchot believes that the guy she sees in slow motion is the guy for her and she accidentally confesses her feelings for Ivan when she sees him in slow motion. At that moment, she knows it must be love. But ivan laughs at her confession, and she has since kept her feelings to herself. But all this changes when Angel, Patchot’s pretty cousin, arrives from the US to spend summer in Cebu.

Ivan sees Angel for the first time and everything moves in slow motion. For Ivan, it must be love. He pursues Angel and spends more time with her. Patchot is secretly jealous because she feels that she can never be as attractive as Angel and she’s actually losing her best friend. She makes herself busy by preparing to be the model of Baby, Ivan’s transgendered aunt, in an upcoming hair and makeup competition. When Baby asks Ivan to be Patchot’s escort in the competition, he begins to see her in a new light. Patchot has grown more beautiful and, in Ivan’s eyes, slowly transforms from the greasy lechunan girl to a young woman of grace and confidence. As they once again spend more time together, Patchot rekindles her feelings for Ivan while Ivan begins to feel something that is beyond friendship for his best friend.

Ivan is now torn between his feelings for Angel and Patchot. Has he been in love with Patchot all this time? Will he ever see Patchot in slow motion the way he did with Angel? Will Patchot finally fight for her love and admit to Ivan her real feelings?

This is the story of a girl who discovers her worth despite her imperfections and, in the process, learns to accept and celebrate her own unique beauty in the midst of young love.

Bad Romance

Bad Romance is a 2013 Filipino romantic love story turned suspense thriller movie starring Mercedes Cabral, Aiza Seguerra, Rey PJ Abellana, Archie Alemania, Jayson Gainza, Ogie Diaz, Raul Morit, Flor Salanga, Francis Lopez, Karen Gallman, and Janelle Manahan.

This movie is directed by Ian Del Carmen. It is produced by Grindhouse Productions and Argon Vision.

Plot Outline:
A lonely receptionist Andrea (Mercedes Cabral) works in an isolated hotel called the Castaway Hotel owned by Mr. Eduardo Villapando (Rey PJ Abellana) who is being hunted by Jeboy Macaraig (Aiza Seguerra). Looking for the love of her life, Andrea thinks she has found it in her favorite TV and movie star Sam Lloyd Pascual who she shares a passionate night of love with. But after she gets dumped, Andrea's psyche begins to unravel in unpredictable and deadly ways.

The Fighting Chefs

The Fighting Chefs is a 2013 Filipino action-comedy film starring Ronnie Ricketts, Arci Munoz, Kusina Master Chef Boy Logro, Vandolph, John Hall, Joross Gamboa, Hero Angeles, Jade Lopez, Dinky Doo, Jeffrey Santos, Roi Vinzon, Roy Alvarez, Yoyong Martirez, Hideaki Torio, Shalala and a lot more. This pinoy movie is Chef Boy Logro's first film debut.

This movie is also directed by Ronnie Ricketts. It is produced by Rocketts Productions and Viva Films.

Plot Outline:
A group of chefs is divided into two fighting groups after learning they only have three months before they're all fired from their restaurant.

Iliw (Nostalgia)

Iliw (Nostalgia) is a 2009 Filipino romantic drama film starring Kaye Abad, Hiroyuki Takashima, Ping Medina, Charee Pineda, Ron Morales, Gian Sotto, Irma Adlawan, Amante Pulido, Alex Medina, Hiro Sakoda and Kazumi Yoshida. This film is part of the 11th Cinemanila International Film Festival and will be shown starting on February 20, 2013 on selected SM Cinemas.

This movie is directed by Bona Fajardo. It is produced by Ilocandia Heritage Films, Bluart Production, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, and Film Development Council of the Philippines.

Plot Outline:
1941. World War II. The Japanese military forces reached the shores of Northern Philippines. Captain Fujiro Takahashi (Hiroyuki Takashima), one of the commanding officers at the the Central Cordilleras, met Fidela (Kaye Abad) - the only daughter of Baguio's Post Master (Amante Pulido). Incarcerated for being suspected as a guerilla supporter, he orders Fidela and her brother Santiago (Alex Medina) to go home to their native town Vigan.
Entangled in the horrifying web of war - lives are lost, homes are forsaken, friends are betrayed, countries fell, hopes reborn, love suffered the test of time and fate.

Alfredo S. Lim: The Untold Story

Alfredo S. Lim: The Untold Story is a 2013 Filipino action-drama film starring Cesar Montano, Alessandra de Rossi, Alvin Anson, Alwyn Uytingco, Ara Mina, Gina Pareño, Gloria Romero, Isabel Granada, Jackie Lou Blanco, Jeffrey Tam, Marc Abaya, Migs Cuaderno, Nonie Buencamino, Raquel Pareno, Richard Quan, Rommel Montano, Spanky Manikan, Tirso Cruz III. This pinoy movie is the fourth bio-flick of Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim and is entitled Turning Cradle: The Untold Story of Alfredo S. Lim in international cinemas.

This movie is also directed by Cesar Montano. It is produced by CM Films Inc. and released by Solar Entertainment Corp.

Plot Outline:
The movie largely takes place in the 1960s. Police Major Alfredo Lim (Cesar Montano) has just been commended for being one of Manila’s ten most outstanding officers. But the celebration is cut short when one of his co-honorees is killed while trying to stop a robbery. Lim gets on the trail of this gang of criminals, carrying out a major surveillance operation. But his work takes a personal toll, his devotion to his duty causing friction in his marriage. And his righteousness ruffles the feathers of very powerful people, putting his family’s life in danger.

A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time is a 2013 Filipino romantic drama film starring Coco Martin and Julia Montes. The film was shot in Amsterdam and other cities like Paris. This is Coco Martin and Julia Montes' first movie together after their hit TV series Walang Hanggan.

This movie is directed by Emmanuel Quindo Palo. It is produced by Dreamscape Cinema and distributed by Star Cinema.

Plot Outline:
Patrick (Coco Martin) stars as a part-time waiter and self-employed artist. He met Jillian (Julia Montes) on a subway and the two fell in love. Patrick later discovers Jillian's past and has a hard time accepting the truth. He starts to make her suffer by pretending that he really loves her. What will happen when Jillian moves?And what will happen when Patrick comes back to apoligize? Find out in this heart - warming drama movie about love, disappointment, and forgiveness.


Seduction is a 2013 Filipino drama film starring Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati and Solenn Heussaff. Introducing in this movie is Jon Orlando.

This movie is directed by Peque Gallaga. It is produced and distributed by Regal Films.

Plot Outline:
RAM (Richard Gutierrez) is a struggling fireman down on his luck. He gets suspended from his job pending investigation into their operations. This happens while moving heaven and earth to find money for his father’s kidney transplant where he himself is going to be the donor.

But Ram is a survivor. He knows how to use his good looks and appeal to seduce people who can help him. In need of a place to stay, he ends up renting a room in his neighbor’s property, knowing that the owner TRINA (Sarah Labahti) is attracted to him. He finds her in a lonely and vulnerable state that one night, an intimate encounter becomes inevitable.

Ram is however surprised when the woman becomes evasive after being intimate with her. He finds her enigmatic withdrawal even more mysterious as Trina continues to be a doting presence from a distance.

Then SOPHIA (Solenn Heusaff) comes into Ram’s life like a fire in the night. After rescuing her in a hotel fire, Sophia asks to meet the hero who saved her life. When Sophia learns of Ram’s suspension from work, she accepts his offer to be her driver and bodyguard as she goes around the country leaning more about the culture and her roots. Sophia is a filthy rich, half-Filipina heiress from Paris who runs her own cable company after her parents died many years ago.

Ram is however unprepared for the games that Sophia plays while being with her. Very attractive and straightforward, Ram is seduced into her inner world where passion becomes a major component of their relationship.

As the hedonistic games with Sophia heighten, Ram finds himself having serious feelings for Trina. Sophia is not at all pleased and deals with Ram the only way she knows how- by throwing her weight around. Now Ram must choose between the two women in his life if he is to survive all these seduction games in the end. Will it be Sophia who seduced him? Or Trina whom he seduced?

Menor De Edad

Menor De Edad is a 2013 Filipino sexy-drama film starring Meg Imperial, Ara Mina, Wendell Ramos, Chynna Ortaleza, Jaycee Parker, and Almira Muhlach. This is Meg Imperial's first dramatic sexy role.

This movie is directed by Joel Lamangan. It is produced and distributed by Viva Films.

Plot Outline:
15-year-old JEN GUILARMAN, a 3rd year high school student, leads a lonely, troubled existence in a tenement housing building. Brought up by her dysfunctional mom, EDNA and her mom's tomboy live-in partner, JAGS, JEN experiences a hellish life from which she tries to escape.

In school, JEN catches the attention of her Pilipino teacher, ARIEL BASCO, who is himself undergoing a difficult marriage. His wife, LAIDA, has been in and out of the hospital, diagnosed with cancer of the uterus, and they are saddled with financial problems. A loner himself, ARIEL is sympathetic to the equally lonely JEN and their counseling sessions lead to a friendship that is misconstrued by others as more than just platonic. JEN, being the more vulnerable one, imagines herself in love with her teacher and fantasizes about him falling in love with her.

In order to experience a sense of belongingness, JEN becomes involved with a street, all-girl gang. Here she makes new friends and finds love and security in having some kind of a family that accepts her for what she is. When JEN is initiated into the girl gang, she has to undergo a sexual rite. She chooses to seduce ARIEL BASCO to devirginize her. When ARIEL rejects her advances, JEN is humiliated and runs away from him. A few minutes later, she is kidnapped by 3 members of a rival street gang and gang-raped.

The 3 guys threaten to kill her and her family if she goes to the police. She is forced to accuse instead, her teacher, ARIEL BASCO, of raping her. AREL is arrested and brought to trial. He pleads with JEN to tell the court the truth - which he was not the perpetrator. Afraid of the threats made by the real rapists, will her conscience bother her for sending someone innocent to prison, or does justice find its way to setting them free?

Flames of Love

Flames of Love is a 2012 Filipino Family drama film starring Christopher de Leon, Lani Mercado, Dina Bonnevie, Jaclyn Jose,
Ricky Davao, Allen Dizon, Megan Young, Valerie Concepcion, Alvin Anson, Rina Reyes, Marita Zobel, Ku Aquino, Mavi Lozano, Jodi Nebrida, Irene Celebre, Marnie Lapus, Rita Dayrit, and more. This is a Pro-God, Pro-family, inspiring, enlightening, and entertaining movie for the Filipino family.

This movie is directed by Gigi Javier Alfonso. It is produced by Gold Barn Media International Corp.

Plot Outline:
The movie follows the lives of several families. Married couple Ben and Rose (Christopher de Leon and Lani Mercado) love each other very much, but struggle to find time to spend with each other. Rose begins to entertain thoughts with reuniting with an old flame. Emily (Dina Bonnevie) is having trouble with her kids. Her son Pax (Mavi Lozano) has become obsessed with a girl, making him act erratically. That girl is Carla (Valerie Concepcion) who has turned to a life of prostitution and casual sex to run away from her toxic home life. Their lives intersect as they each deal with their own demons.


Supremo is a 2012 Filipino epic drama film starring Alfred Vargas, Mon Confiado, Nicco Manalo, Alex Vincent Medina, Edmon Romawac, Shielbert Manuel, Lehner Mendoza, Manu Respall, Jeff Fernandez, Banjo Romero, Alex Cabodil, Nica Naval and Hermie Concepcion.

This movie is directed by Richard V. Somes. It is produced by Alternative Vision Cinema and Strawdogs Studio Productions.

Plot Outline:
Manila, year 1896. The cry for independence from the tyranny of Spain peals louder than ever. Andres Bonifacio, leader of the rebel movement the Katipunan, leads his men to war. Though ill-equipped and untried in the field of battle, the Katipuneros launch an offensive against a vastly superior Spanish military.

What follows is a series of events that will test the nation's brave sons, and an aftermath that will separate the genuine patriots from mere participants.


Rigodon is a 2012 Filipino romantic-thriller film starring Yam Concepcion, John James Uy, Maxene Eigenmann. It is Yam Concepcion's first movie debut.

This movie is directed by Erik Matti. It is produced by Viva Films and Reality Entertainment.

Plot Outline:
Can we truly know another person, close as we might become? Secret lives, hidden passions, deceit, betrayal and vengeance are revealed in a dizzying dance of a peeping eye.

We follow the life of Sarah, who has been left by her boyfriend after he was threatened by her domineering father. Drifting, in despair, she meets Riki, a former teen star now hosting a home tv shopping show. Casual friendship turns deeper as Sarah feels herself being drawn closer to Riki, who actively pursues her. Until she gives herself one passionate night.

The next morning, we shift our voyeur's view and follow Riki as he makes his way to his house...and his wife, Regine. Here we get to know the real Riki as he tries to juggle his incredibly complicated life, dealing with loan sharks, his boss, his still-smoldering ambition to regain his stardom, his girl Sarah, his wife Regine, and still another ex-wife, Pearl. Secrets he tries to keep, specially from Regine.

So then we follow Regine, as she struggles with raising their two children while managing her bipolar disorder and growing suspicion, frustration, and rage at her shadowy husband.

Then Regine discovers Pearl and the sick son that is the counterpart to their own girl and finds that her paranoia has become a bitter reality. She confronts Riki. Riki realizes that of all of them, Regine is the one he is terrified of losing, for Regine is the only one he truly loves. He resolves to do better by her, but being the duplicitous person that he is, cannot bring himself to cut clean and instead starts avoiding Sarah.

And when Sarah, puzzled and hurt by Riki's evasiveness, discovers the truth, this leads to Regine discovering more devastating, soul-crushing truths about her husband. As Riki's convoluted world unravels around him, these two troubled women's murderous rage leads to a shattering finale.

El Presidente

El Presidente is a 2012 Filipino bioepic film based on the life of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the first president of the Republicof the Philippines. This drama film has an ensemble cast namely Gov. Jeorge Estregan in the title role, with Cesar Montano, Christopher de Leon, Nora Aunor, and Cristine Reyes in supporting roles. It is one of the official entries for the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival.

This movie is directed by Mark Meily. It is produced by Scenema Concept International, CMB Films, and Viva Films, together in cooperation with the San Miguel Group of Companies, Petron, Boys Scouts of the Philippines, Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar and the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

Plot Outline:
The story is told in flashbacks as Emilio Aguinaldo thanks the US government for giving him the opportunity to attend the full restoration of Philippine independence on July 4, 1946.

The film begins with his capture by Philippine and US forces under Frederick Funston's command in 1901, then flashes back to 1886, when an old woman gives Aguinaldo and his childhood friend Candido Tirona cryptic prophecies. Ten years later, Aguinaldo is inducted into the Katipunan and later assumes leadership of its Cavite chapter while becoming mayor of Cavite El Viejo. When the trouble breaks out in Manila in late August 1896, Aguinaldo tries to assure the Spanish provincial government of non-interference and covertly marshals his forces despite a lack of weapons. Learning that the Spanish mostly put their forces in Manila, Aguinaldo finally mobilizes his troops and take the command of the Katipunan forces in Cavite

As the rebels gain ground in Cavite and several provinces, its Magdalo and Magdiwang factions convene to elect a provisional government. Andres Bonifacio oversees the Tejeros Convention, which elects Aguinaldo as president, Mariano Trias as vice-president, and himself as interior minister. He storms out of the convention when Daniel Tirona objects to his election. Aguinaldo's brother Crispulo informs him of his accession and convinces him to leave his troops just as he was seeking to defend against the Spaniards at Pasong Santol. The rebels are defeated and Crispulo was killed. Meanwhile, an embittered Bonifacio establishes his own revolutionary government and is later arrested. Aguinaldo is concerned about Bonifacio's actions and wanted him exiled, but the War Council advises his execution.

Several months later, Aguinaldo leaves Cavite with most of his forces intact and makes it to Biac-na-Bato in Bulacan, where he signs the Pact of Biak-na-Bato and heads for Hong Kong. There he meets with US officials who approach him with offers of support and recognition of a new Philippine Republic amidst the Spanish-American War. Aguinaldo returns to the Philippines and formally declares independence from Spain. As the Malolos Congress convenes, Felipe Agoncillo tries to represent the new nation at the Treaty of Paris negotiations, but gets stonewalled at every turn even as US forces gradually arrive in the Philippines. The Philippine-American War breaks out in February 1899 and Antonio Luna is appointed commander of all the Filipino forces. He is assassinated three months later and the Filipino troops are gradually routed by the Americans. As a result, Aguinaldo's forces travel all over northern Luzon to escape the Americans. General Gregorio del Pilar volunteers to lead some troops in holding them off at Tirad Pass and buy Aguinaldo time to get away. His loyal courier is later captured by the Americans while getting some medicine for his son. Now aware of Aguinaldo's hideout, Funston plans his capture.

Having been made to accept the American occupation over the Philippines, Aguinaldo lives a quiet life, which is marred by Hilaria's passing in 1921. He meets and marries Felipe Agoncillo's niece Maria in 1930. Over the next few decades, the couple witness Philippine history unfold once more as he is defeated in the 1935 presidential elections, Japanese occupation and the restoration of full independence. In 1962, an elderly Aguinaldo and his wife comfort each other over President Diosdado Macapagal's decree to restore the actual date of the Philippine declaration of independence. In his final hours, the same woman who gave him his prophecy appears to him one more time.

Si Agimat, si Enteng Kabisote at si Ako

Si Agimat, si Enteng Kabisote at si Ako is a 2012 Filipino fantasy-comedy film starring Vic Sotto, Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr. and Judy Ann Santos. It is one of the 8 official entries in the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival.

This movie is directed by Tony Reyes. It is produced and distributed by Octoarts Films, M-zet Productions, Imus Productions, APT Entertainment and GMA Films.

Plot Outline:
Agimat (Bong Revilla), hero of Amuleto, has proposed marriage to his love Samara (Sam Pinto). He invites his friend Enteng Kabisote (Vic Sotto) to the wedding, and asks for his help as he and Samara spend their honeymoon in the human world. The two heroes meet Angelina (Judy Ann Santos), an environmental activist who is secretly the princess of a magical kingdom. A grave alien threat arrives on both Earth and Amuleto, and the three must join forces to protect their worlds. But the heroes’ respective wives don’t take very well to Angelina, threatening the alliance.

Shake, Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion

Shake, Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion is a 2012 Filipino horror film starring Janice de Belen, Herbert Bautista, Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe, Paulo Avelino, Martin Escudero and Vhong Navarro. This 3-part pinoy film is an official entry to the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival. This fourteenth installment also serves as the Most Independent throughout the entire series for its sole director, Chito S. Roño.

This movie is directed by Chito S. Roño. It is produced and distributed by Regal Entertainment, Inc.

Plot Outline:

Four cousins; an emigrant, selfish & aristocratic Myra (Janice de Belen), pious & clueless Donald (Herbert Bautista) and sociable & gossip Faye (Arlene Mulach), that cannot get along, was called to get their shares from their unknown Uncle Lando who died. The man who were giving their shares said that if some of them dies within a month their money will be split into bigger portions to those who are still alive, the comics were also split to them, and the man who were giving the shares told them that their uncle died bitter because of the people who imitated his comics and took all his fame. When they were done, they threw the comics away because they don't have any interest of it. Soon one of their cousins died soon they went back to their uncle's house to confront the man who gave them the shares, but they saw the man dead, now they are set in a chase with the comics.

Lost Command

A simple military operation, turns into carnage when a group of soldiers encounters an unexplained phenomenon in the jungle. The leader of the platoon, Martin Barrientos (Dennis Trillo), being the last man standing tries to combat his former men, who are now turning into the living dead, in one grueling battle for survival.


Hank (Vhong Navarro) & Kate (Lovi Poe) a couple engaged went to the mall to retrieve their gift for their parents to announce their engagement. After all was okay, a big explosion shook and destroyed almost the entire mall at 7:30, all of this happened during December 21 2012 (The said date that the world will end).Hank was worried about Kate because they were separated and she's pregnant. He tries to wander around until Hank met many survivors, and tries to fight their way out of the mall. But they encountered something that was beyond humans, Aliens, that are trying to invade and conquer Earth. They helped each other together, but a few were killed. They struggled their way from floor to floor, battling and killing aliens until they saw Kate, tired and exhausted, and took her together with the other survivors. But of course, there's no heroes without villains, so the Aliens killed as many humans or survivors as they can, killing and sucking them in their Mothership. Hank and Kate went outside the mall and saw the chaos the Aliens brought. They can see the Aliens destroying buildings and killing humans, until Hank and Kate are the only ones left of their kind, the Humanrace. 3 Aliens appeared in front of them. The 3 leaders said to them that they were chosen to lead the new world, the new generation.

Thy Womb

Thy Womb is a 2012 Filipino independent drama film starring Nora Aunor, Bembol Roco Mercedes Cabral, and Lovi Poe. The film is one of the 8 official entries to the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival.

This movie is directed by Brillante Mendoza. It is produced by Center Stage Productions and the Film Development Council of the Philippines and distributed by Solar Films.

Plot Outline:
Shaleha (Aunor) is a Badjao midwife in Tawi-Tawi. Shaleha Sarail hails from a seaborne village in Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi. The province is a seaweed-producing spot in the southernmost part of the Philippines all the way down the Malaysian and Indonesian archipelagos. Aging and still smarting from three miscarriages in the past, Shaleha agonizes over her failure to bear a child. Though an adoptive parent to her nephew, she still feels that her husband Bangas-An (Bembol Roco) desires to be a father. She struggles to cope with the irony of her own infertility amidst the deprivation of her community.

To fulfill her husband’s only wish and to be blessed by Allah—in her belief that having a child is a tangible proof of divine grace—Shaleha resolves to find a new partner for her husband. Night and day, she and her husband sail away from their floating village and to nearby island communities in search of a fertile woman. As if by providence, Shaleha finds the girl through friends' recommendations. But on the eve of her husband’s second marriage to Mersila (Lovi Poe), jealousy gnaws and consumes Shaleha. A saga of island life stuck between the devil of passion and the deep blue sea of tradition.

Sosy Problems

Sosy Problems is a 2012 Filipino comedy film starring Rhian Ramos, Heart Evangelista, Solenn Heussaff, and Bianca King. The film is one of the eight official entries of the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival.

This movie is directed by Andoy Ranay. It is produced and distributed by GMA Films.

Plot Outline:
In the movie, Rhian Ramos plays Lizzie, the spoiled-rich daughter of a hotelier who is a self-appointed leader of the Sosy group; Bianca King portrays Danielle, the daughter of a politician who is on the brink of being impeached from office; Solenn Heussaff is Margaux, the daughter of the former beauty queen (Cherie Gil) and the bestfriend and half sister of Claudia (Heart Evangelista) who is also the daughter of a beauty queen (Agot Isidro). Margaux and Claudia were competing one another from beauty to the only man they see who is Benjo (Aljur Abrenica), an all-around employee at the Polo Club.

Their main problem, however, is that their favorite hangout place, The Polo Club, which reminds them of all the memories of their “firsts” in life – including their first kisses and love affairs – is in danger of being torn down and replaced with a mall that is not so much for the rich and famous: in other words, not a “sosy” mall.

The “sosy” ladies will do everything they can in order to stop the Polo Club owners from pursuing their plans, and they will risk everything -- even their poise and glamour – to achieve their goal.

The Strangers

The Strangers is a 2012 Filipino horror film starring Enchong Dee, Julia Montes, Enrique Gil and JM De Guzman. It is one of the official entries for the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival.

This movie is directed by Lawrence Fajardo. It is produced by Quantum Films and MJM Productions and distributed by Star Cinema.

Plot Outline:
The story takes places on a family who got lost in a province and start being hunted by The Strangers especially the aswang.

For their 18th birthday, twins Pat and Max (Julia Montes and Enrique Gil) go on their annual out of town family trip, to the far flung oasis of Murcia. Joining them are their parents Roy and Evelyn (Johnny Revilla and Cherry Pie Picache), their grandfather Pete (Jaime Fabregas), his temporary caregiver Paloma (Janice de Belen) and their newly hired family driver, Toning (Nico Antonio). The family members set aside personal differences and go on with the trip, as they look forward to the provincial excursion.

Treading the rough roads of the countryside, their happiness is cut short when their van hits an old lady on the road. Unsure of what happened, the family tries to search for the body but it is nowhere to be found.

With the body missing, and protesting their innocence, Roy quickly asks everyone to go aboard the van and leave the vicinity. The van silently trudges its way along the dusty road but mysteriously stops after a few minutes in the middle of a forested area in Cabitongan. And from then on, as night sets in, the family is hounded by bad luck. Toning is attacked by an unknown creature, Roy and Lolo Pete are missing, and the rest of the family members are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Lost and confused, the remaining family members unite but things take a turn for the worst, when they realize that they are trapped in a barrio full of mysterious people headed by Kapitan Tasyo (Art Acuna), his wife Corazon (Tanya Gomez) and their son Crispin (JM de Guzman).

As they are stuck in the isolated village, a series of aswang attacks begin. Pat finds alliance and connection in the unlikely form of Dolfo (Enchong Dee), an enigmatic young man, but whom the villagers suspect to be evil. Pat, Max and their parents transformed into aswang(black dog). In the end Pat killed Dolfo. After a year, their survival was to eat tourist in their business tour.


Sisterakas is a 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival entry starring Ai-Ai Delas Alas, Vice Ganda, Kris Aquino, Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, and Xyriel Manabat. The film broke box-office records in the Philippines and is now the highest-grossing Philippine film of all time, dethroning the box-office record set by The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin.

This movie is directed by Wenn V. Deramas. It is produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films.

Plot Outline:
The childhoods of Bernice (Vice Ganda) and Detty (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) were worlds apart, but they did have one thing in common: their father. Bernice's birth was the result of an infidelity on his behalf, however, and so while Detty grew up with a wealthy family, Bernice and his mother were left to fend for themselves.

Years later, Bernice has become a wealthy and successful businessman, the so-called "Lord of Apparels". But his abrasive personality and rudeness have led to the resignation of his 75th assistant. Detty, meanwhile, is in dire need of a job and applies for the newly vacated position as executive assistant to a man that, unbeknownst to her, is actually her half-brother. Bernice knows exactly who she is and hires her. For Detty, this job means she can take care of her daughters; for Bernice, it’s a chance for payback.

Meanwhile, the main rival of Bernice’s company is currently posing as very strong competition. Headed by the eccentric yet equally brilliant and talented Roselle (Kris Aquino), the competition gets tougher, and a string of events leads to the two company heads fighting over the once-expendable Detty.

One More Try

One More Try is a 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival entry starring Angelica Panganiban, Dingdong Dantes, Zanjoe Marudo and Angel Locsin. It is a romantic-drama film that will surely make you cry.

This movie is directed by Ruel S. Bayani. It is produced and distributed by Star Cinema.

Grace (Angel Locsin) is a single mother willing to sacrifice everything to save her ill son, Botchok (Miguel Vergara). Grace lives a good life with her son and supportive boyfriend, Tristan (Zanjoe Marudo). When Botchok’s rare blood disease became severe, Grace was forced to reconnect with Botchok’s biological father, Edward (Dingdong Dantes). Edward, an accomplished man married to an equally successful Jacqueline (Angelica Panganiban), is uncomfortable with reconnecting with Grace. Having no children of their own, Jacqueline gives her blessings for Edward to reconnect with Grace to help save their son. The reconnection with Grace and Botchok starts to taint Edward's and Jacqueline's marriage. What becomes of relationships when a tangled web is woven? See the movie and find out.